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Weh yuh ah seh, Small up yuhself, Bless UP. For your Education!!



I would like to team up with Like minded Medicators to Research more into the total benefits of Cannibis and its 113 discovered Cannabinoids



The more we learn the more we grow and the more we Grow, the more we Learn. Education should be FREE.. Working on that one..



Looking into supplying only the BEST, most PURE and EFFECTIVE Oils. Looking at THC, THCa, THCV, CBD and CBN.



Did you know that Vaporizing Cannibis is probably the BEST way to receive all the Chemicals and Control the Temperatures as some have varying Boiling points.

Up and Coming Cannavelopments you want to know about...

Private Clubs.. Big YES..

PRESS RELEASE – Dagga Private Clubs Over the last 6 weeks we have been “soft launching” Fields of Green for ALL’s Dagga Private Clubs Initiative.…

Their MISSION To Grow!! We will ensure that it is done right the first time and you end up with the best results. Document We…

Fields of Green for All

If you have been arrested on a Cannabis related charge and require assistance, please refer to our legal assistance project, JoinTheQueue. In 2010, Julian Stobbs and Myrtle…

Lastly But Not Least

There is just something Mystic about Growing your own Cannabis. The Routine clears your Mind, Creates Values, Love and Brings you Closer to Mother Nature. As well having Tons of Product that YOU created..

GoGrow Consultants

We specialise in all types of grows, big or small. From hydroponic to soil, outdoor, Indoor or green-house, we’ve got you covered. We can setup and maintain your grow and assist you from seed to harvest all in the comfort of your own home.

Want to Learn as much as I can about this AMAZING Plant. And everything I know, to Pass down to like Minded Cannaenthusiasts. Create Strains that are Proudly South African, down to the Roots. Heal the Sick and Mend what ever is Broken.

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Think outside the Box, through the AURORA.. Over the KUSH Hills

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Rustenburg North West South Africa

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About Tamjuana!!

Been into Cannabis for as far as I remember. Fell in love with its natural Chemical Mystic. Ever since,

John-crow, yuh waan flap a wing, 

I have been able to show my love. I have researched and studied for a few years and want to show South Africa Marajuana is not the Devil’s Grass, It is the Plant direct from Jah, the Lord Blessed US!! We need to embrace the Natural Healing that grows in OUR Mountains and Farms..

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Lots more to come… Kick up Rumpus!!!

Lickkle More, Bless Up!!


Passion and Love comes from Deep within..

I am hoping to start Research on the Entourage Effect and how to utilize the full process to benefit each Cannabinoid that is needed for aiding Healing.

I am looking into THCV, Did you know that Right in OUR backyard, Grows the plants needed to give US the magic that is THCV. Enhanced in the Entourage effect a lot more can be discovered.. It benefits people in ways that cannot be explained. I Hope that my Passion will encourage more Education and Meditation.